All parts of braces work together to effectively straighten your smile. We welcome you to read on to learn more about how braces improve your teeth.


Bands are a cemented ring of metal that fit around the tooth, usually the molars. We offer a wide range in sizes so they will fit the tooth perfectly.


Brackets are either connected to the bands or directly bonded to the teeth and hold the archwire in place.


The main wire, also known as the archwire, is shaped by our orthodontist to fit around the arch of your teeth. The archwire also fits into the brackets, which is what causes the teeth to gradually move into their proper alignment.


Elastics are used to move the teeth towards their final alignment. Their placement may vary depending on your situation.


Hooks are used to anchor the elastics and further treatment.

Coil Spring

If needed, a coil spring is placed over the archwire between two brackets, which creates space between the two teeth.

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